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Should I register in the UK or across the EU?

If you want protection for your goods and services in all European Union countries, not just the UK, then a Community Trade Mark (CTM) is for you. This single application gives protection in all member states of the EU at much lower cost than filing in each country separately. Additionally, those holding a CTM have priority over an application for a similar mark in the UK.

If you plan to operate your business solely in Britain, then a UK registered trade mark can be granted faster and more cheaply.

UK trade mark EU trade mark (CTM)
Coverage UK only All EU
Seniority No Yes
Ease of registration Average Somewhat harder
Time 4 – 5 months 7 – 9 months
Statutory filing fees £170 £50 per class ~£780 (€800) application
Our fees £249 £50 per additional class £399  £50 per additional class
Updated on 11th September 2020

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