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How can I find out if my trade mark can be registered?

Before applying to register a trade mark it is advisable to do a ‘clearance search’ to see if there are any obvious reasons why the mark cannot be registered – otherwise the application could end up in expensive failure. Our US patented trade mark search software automates a large part of the search process, although this only provides a preliminary result. If you choose to make your application via Trade Mark Direct, we make 23 other legal checks before submitting your application to the examiner.

Because our trade mark clearance search has been cleverly automated, we provide this service online free of charge. Many other firms charge for this service as manual searches take a lot of time, with their initial fees ranging from £75-150.

If our free search indicates that your trade mark application is likely to fail, then you can opt to buy a detailed report listing all the trade marks that are most similar. This will help you or a trade mark agent work out the changes that would make an application more likely to succeed.

Updated on 11th September 2020

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