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Examples of acceptable and unacceptable trade marks

Trade mark Goods / services ? Comments
3 3/7 any denied Common description: many say they operate 24/7
Shoes Direct mail order shoes denied ‘Direct’ is widely used – specifying shoes does not help
Wonderstuff oil lubricant denied Joining words together does not make a mark acceptable
Klever Klene cleaning denied If a word or phrase spelt correctly would not pass, misspelling does not help
Quickshop.com internet denied Presenting as a domain name (.com, .co.uk) does not help
Monkey Nuts clothing aproved Acceptable for clothing as not common usage. Would not pass for food, animals, etc.
Pink Box computers aproved Is now distinctive
Zooby 24/7 any aproved Is now distinctive
Monteverdi Direct Trade Mark Services trade mark services aproved Is now distinctive
Slippery Sid’s Wonderstuff oil lubricant aproved Is now distinctive
Kevin’s Klever Klene cleaning aproved Is now distinctive
Quacks.com internet aproved Is now distinctive
Updated on 11th September 2020

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