• How long before I have to renew my registered trade mark?

    A registered trade mark must be renewed every 10 years to keep your brand protected. Sign up to Trade Mark Direct’s management service and we’ll take care of this process automatically on your behalf.

  • Can I sell my registered trade mark?

    Once registered, a trade mark becomes your property and can be sold as with any other of your property. Once sold, a trade mark must be ‘assigned’ to the new owner in the register.

  • Can I amend my registered trade mark?

    You can only amend a trade mark if your existing trade mark includes your name or address. Changes are limited to that name and address. The alteration of the name must be minor, for example, substituting a new surname after marriage, and not the substitution of an entirely new name.

  • What happens if my trade mark application is opposed?

    If after the details of your trade mark application is published other trade mark owners oppose on the basis of visual, aural or conceptual similarity you have the opportunity to put forward counter-arguments or reach an agreement with them over shared or restricted usage. The trade mark officials at the…

  • What happens if there are objections from the registries?

    Trade mark registries can object to a trade mark application on absolute grounds – any of the reasons given in our answer to the question ‘What is not allowed as a registered trade mark?’. You as the applicant then have an opportunity to put forward counter-arguments. If these are not accepted…

  • Is it better to register a logo or just a text trade mark?

    Filing a text trade mark gives you wider and stronger rights than registering a logo, where your rights are in the combined words and graphical elements. With a logo, potentially someone else can register the same words but with a different design. If you have a word mark no one…

  • How do I register a logo as a trade mark?

    A logo trade mark application has to pass additional criteria before it can be registered: for example, a logo trade mark cannot be: A three dimensional shape which is typical of the goods you sell, has a function or adds value to the goods; A specially protected emblem, such as…

  • How do I apply for an international trade mark?

    Trade Mark Direct can help you protect your trade mark in a huge range of countries worldwide. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and our experts will be able to work out the cheapest and quickest way in which to take your applications forward.